Is it necessary to register to buy through the web?

Yes, it is necessary to do so. This way you will benefit from a safe, fast and personalized purchase.

How can I pay for my order?

You can make the payment through these options:
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal

What is the delivery time of my order?

You will receive a shipping confirmation for the next 24 hours.

The delivery time to your home will be determined by the company that makes the deliveries.

I Approximate delivery time within Mexico:

  • México DF: 48 hours
  • Other Places:  72 hours

International delivery time with DHL:

  • America: 5 working days
  • Europe: 7 working days
  • Asia and Oceania: 10 working days

These times are for the central areas of each city, if a remote area should be considered between 1-2 additional days.

The order can be tracked through the tracking number that will be sent to the mail.

Can I request that the order is sent to an address other than the one with which I registered?

Yes. You can select this option during the purchase process, but this address must be from the same tax environment as the country of purchase.

Do the products have the Tax included?

For Mexico, prices do include VAT. However, for the rest of the countries the tax is not included, this will be assumed by the customer, once the product arrives in the country of destination. The amounts vary according to the import laws of each country.

Can I request an invoice for my order?

All our shipments within Mexico have attached a purchase ticket or invoice issued with Meküni corporate paper with all customer data and items. For the foreigner, an indicative sales ticket is issued and will not serve as a purchase document, being only that invoice in corporate paper that will be physically received along with the product purchased.

What happens if I don’t like it or I don’t like the product I bought?

The customer may make changes within 30 business days, after receiving the product provided that it meets the following conditions:

  • That the product is new, without signs of use, with the seals placed on the product, and without tearing or breaking the original labels.
  • That the product has not been handled.

Once the company verifies that the conditions are met, the customer can exchange the item for another one that exists in stock of equal or higher amount by paying the difference. In case the new model chosen is of a higher amount, the client must cancel the difference. In case the new model is of a lower amount, the difference will remain as a credit note in favor of the client, which may be used for six (6) months from the date the credit note was issued.

For any changes, these must be sent to:


CP 52779

Name: Grupo Goyali

Contact Number: 5546951687

The expenses incurred for changes must be assumed by the customer.

The company does not accept money returns in any case. Changes or returns are not accepted on products in sale, used items, items that do not comply with the details in the previous points or custom-made products.

If the product has factory defects, the customer must contact XXXX to review the case.

How do I keep the products in good condition?

Next, you will find the suggested care, according to the product material.


To remove dirt or dust, gently wipe with a dry cloth.

Then, moisten the cloth a little with warm water and clean again.

You can apply cleanser and softener for smooth skin (Leather Balm from TGR THE ONE). It will help you moisturize and soften the material of your shoes.

Apply with your hand or a dry cloth and rub until you get the desired shine.


To remove dirt, wipe gently with a dry cloth.

Brush gently with a special suede, suede and nubuck brush.

Then, use a special eraser (TGR THE ONE Cleaning Block) to remove any dirt or stains.

Note I: Always brush in the same direction, when doing it in different directions the suede will give the appearance of being of different colors.

Note II: It is advisable to apply a waterproofing spray before being used.


To remove dirt or dust, wipe gently with a dry cloth.

Then, use a soft, damp cloth next to a drop of soap to remove any fogging. Apply a patent leather (Leather Balm from TGR THE ONE) cleaner to restore shine.

TEXTIL Use a clean, dry cloth to remove dirt and dust. Then, use a fine brush depending on the type of textile. If the dirt does not disappear, you can apply a special cleaning liquid for textiles (Textile fabric cleaner from TGR THE ONE).


What happens if I am not sure of my size?

Write us to [email protected] with your doubts.

What is the minimum purchase abroad, tax free, in my country?

Customs of each country maintains a different minimum amount free of payment for imports, so the payment of local taxes depends on this amount.

Source: DHL


Minimum Declared Value US$

Argentina NA
Bahamas <$49
Barbados NA
Bermuda <$20
Bolivia NA
Brasil NA
Canadá <$20CA
Cayman Islands <$50
Chile <$30
Colombia NA
Costa Rica NA
Curacao $25
República Dominicana $0 to $200
Ecuador NA
El Salvador NA
Guatemala NA
Guadeloupe <€22
Guyana (French) <€22
Haiti Custom’s Criteria
Honduras NA
Jamaica <$20
Martinique NA
México <$50
Nicaragua NA
Panamá <$100 US/ <50 Other
Paraguay $100
Perú <$200
Trinidad & Tobago NA
Estados Unidos <$800
Uruguay <$50
Venezuela <$100
Virgin Islands (British) <$20